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Probetalk is the ultimate place stop for anyone even remotely interested in Probes. You'll find information on maintaining your Probe/MX6, performance modification ideas, appearance modifications, club meets and just a generally fun place to hang around on the net. We have our own Australian forum where we meet online. Stop by, register and say hello.

Personal home pages

Bob's Probe homepage. An awesome Aussie Probe. Check out those wheels.


Probenet is a great site for performance oriented info on the 2.0 litre Probe. Information includes everything from brakes to manifold work and also covers headers, exhaust etc. Also includes a mailing list and even a gallery of a hot 2.0 litre project car. Owners of 2.5 litre Probes will also find lots of useful information on this site.

Performance & Appearance (PRD) is where I got my short throw shifter from. PRD make performance parts specifically for the Probe and the Mazda MX6.

SSV (Sydney Special Vehicles) is where I got my bonnet (hood) vents from. They have a wide range of vents and other fibreglass gear to suit many different cars.

Whiteline supply suspension gear for most cars available in Australia.



Probe/MX6 paint defect list

The name says it all.


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