Name Year/Model Nature of defect
Dirk Stein 1994 Mazda 626 Fading and cracking paint on hood, roof and hatch!
Kris Ohlsson 1994 MX6 Oxidation on hood, roof and rear spoiler. Chipping on hood and roof. Cannot be buffed out and waxing does not help.
Brian T Sause 1994 MX-6 Paint is failing on horizontal surfaces of trunk hood and roof. Clear coat seems to have failed causing very significant fading and white spots.
Cameron Peterson 1994 MX6 LS Paint is fading all over car. Hood is heavily oxidized.
Joseph Looney 1994 MX-6 LS I have little spots on hood and fading on the roof.
Juan E Fernandez 1994 MX-6 LS Paint on hood oxidising.
Kevin Stalnaker 1994 MX-6 LS Clearcoat coming off the trunk and rear quarter panels. Huge ugly white spots on trunk. Severe oxidation on hood and roof. Only 60K miles on car; one owner and regularly washed and waxed.
Mark Norman 1994 MX-6 LS My mx-6 has crowsfeet/"spider webs" over the roof, hood and trunk. The clear coat is also chipping.
Stephen Schilling 1994 MX-6 LS Little white lines on hood. Fading on hood and roof. Small chips on bumper. Paint is extremely soft, where I can scratch with fingernail. Not good
Ken Flummer 1994 MX-6 LS, Red Fading and cracking paint on hood, roof and trunk.
Lukas Dryja 1994 MX6 M Edition Tiny little scratches all over the hood of the car. Impossible to remove. Really bad paint.
Kurt Skoland 1994 MX6, Red Paint faded and oxidized all over body, esp. hood and roof. Clear coat chipped. Little white scratches all over hood.
Bob Kinney 1994 Probe Cracking paint under clear coat all over roof and top part of hatch, paint has been maintained very well and waxed regularly.
D.J. Eichenlaub 1994 Probe Very bad oxidation, chipping, swirlmarks, and "orange peel" cracks
Kevin Hubley 1994 Probe I have crows feet and "spider webs" on the hood of the car. Along with defects on the roof of the car. Also the clear coat is gone on some of the trunk and a long the left side front panel. You guys have been very good to me ever since I bought the car. I would apprectiate if we could fix the paint defects on the car.
Michael Saunders 1994 Probe (Australian) Crows feet/grazing on front fenders, bonnet, headlights, roof and now appearing on hatch.
Ricci Hull 1994 Probe (base), Electric Red Oxidising quickly despite religious waxing, crows feet on roof, horrible oxidation on hood (due to poor engine ventilation I'd imagine) and roof.
Chris Cojocar 1994 Probe Base Major cracking on the hood and front end and the rest of the body is starting to crack as well.
Bahy Rahimzadegan 1994 Probe Base, Burgundy Paint oxidized very badly, get it buffed perfessionally and still oxidizes.
Matt Dougherty 1994 Probe Base, Red Large white fade spots, tiny white dashes all over car, will not buff out or come out with scratch remover. Mainly on trunk, roof, and hood.
Adam P Seitz 1994 Probe GT I have lost the clear coat completely on the hatch, both quarter panels, and now the roof. There is heavy oxidation and the paint is coming off. There were/are/have been spiderwebs and crow's feet on the hood of the car as well as the roof.
Alisa Steddt 1994 Probe GT Hood, Roof and back spoiler area very oxidized even after religiously waxing for years. Paint appears to be flaking off more and more every day. The light area on hood is almost completely white!
Bill Carlson 1994 Probe GT Crows feet all over hood and headlights. Chipped and cracking in the front bumper. Bad oxidation on hood, roof portion above windhsield, sunroof, back deck area underneath bottom of rear window. Car is garaged/covered. First owner, and myself have kept up stringent cleaning/waxing procedures.
Bruce Dakin 1994 Probe GT Tons of tiny cracks in the paint all over....Makes it almost impossible to wax
Cesar Maldonado 1994 Probe GT Clear coat has chipped on hood and top. I really like my car and I am planning on bringing it back to its original condition.
Charles Trammell 1994 Probe GT The hood, roof, trunk, and right rear fender are all oxidized. There is some crows feet but most have gone away due to the oxidation. One spot on the trunk is almost down to the bare metal. Nothing I do seems to help.
Chris Hayes 1994 Probe GT Clearcoat is pitting across entire car. Started about a year ago and went quickly.
Eric M. Carr 1994 Probe GT Heavy oxidation on hood, flip lights, roof, mirrors, hatch, and under the windows. Also crows feet in spots. Washed and waxed with nothing but the best and still this happend.
Gregg Barry 1994 Probe GT Fading and oxidizing really bad on the hood and top half of almost the whole car. And it has spots all over it. And it appears as if the clearcoat is completely gone from the hood, nothing helps to make it shine and no matter how hard i try, wax just makes faded swirls in the almost whiteish pink oxidized paint.
James Causey 1994 Probe GT Clear coat/ turning in to white spotes all over the car.
Jessica Sweeney 1994 Probe GT Fading on hood and discoloration on the door pannels.
Jhoven Ortanez 1994 Probe GT My Probe has little line scratches all over the car, the top of the cars paint is fading and the clear coat is coming off.
Jim Eles 1994 Probe GT Clear coat peeling off several areas, especially the roof and real quarter areas. Needs a complete paint job - estimated well over $2,500.00.
Joel Matteis 1994 Probe GT The paint on the fiberglass mouldings on the bottom panels peals very easily, I have had several pieces come off just from washing the car, I have temporarily sealed them from spreading with a clear silicon sealant. Also, the trim pieces in the middle of both doors, the paint has faded/worn off, the material is a yellowish underneath and rough, like the paint had been scoured off.
Jonathan Gunnink 1994 Probe GT The clear coat is pealing off of the side mirrors and on other spots on the nose of the car.
Malcolm Brown 1994 Probe GT Massive cracking mostly on hood and roof.
Mark Brennan 1994 Probe GT There are little cracks all over the clear coat on the roof, looks like the rest of the car was repainted because of the same problem.
Nicholas Matthews 1994 Probe GT Crows feet and spider webing all over the hood, head lights, roof, corner panels and starting on the doors.
Nick Winfrey 1994 Probe GT Really bad oxidation, clear coat about all the way gone will Ford do anything about my paint or what?
Randy Schwartz 1994 Probe GT Crows feet and "spider webs" on the hood of the car.
Rob Lloyd 1994 Probe GT Fading paint on hood and roof, crows feet on hood, oxidisation on roof, hood and hatch.
Ryan Dlugosz 1994 Probe GT Some hairline cracks in clear coat. Paint is faded on hood.
Trevor Ashcroft 1994 Probe GT Crows feet all over hood, extremely faded hood, roof and hatch. I am the second owner (first owner was my neighbor) this car was very meticulously maintained.
Will Foltz 1994 Probe GT I currently own a 1994 Ford Probe Gt and I have a similar problem with my paint. The paint is discolored and literally coming off of the hood. I read this page and was interested in the information.
Brook Lilley 1994 Probe GT, (colour not specified) My Probe has terrible fading/oxidation on the roof and the rear deck. The hood has cracking paint.
Shelby Baltzgar 1994 Probe GT, (colour not specified) Terrible paint oxidation.
Jeff Morris 1994 Probe GT, Arctic White Oxidisation on rear bumper panel (orangey spots appearing). Water marks on hood and headlight coverings. Faded color, cracks starting to appear (hard to see with white paint).
N/A 1994 Probe GT, Baby Blue Fading all around sun direct areas hood roof side panels also peeling and cracking.
Anthony Nixon 1994 Probe GT, Black The paint on the bottom of the doors is pealing off. On the hood of the car the paint is all cracked and all the clear coat is gone. Now the paint where the GT stickers are on the doors are falling off with the paint so soon I will have a huge white spot on the doors were the stickers are. Paint looks real bad overall.
Brian Williams 1994 Probe GT, Black Crows feet on hood, especially light doors.
Charles Eisenstein 1994 Probe GT, Black Crows feet on both front fenders, hood and roof. No amount of rubbing, cleaning and polishing has shown improvement. This is a wonderful car - well maintained. It is a shame that it's only true drawback is it's paint.
Craig Tice 1994 Probe GT, Black Paint/clear coat has small cracks on all top surfaces. Top of roof, hood, trunk lid and the upper edges of all the side panels.
Dale E. Withers Peck 1994 Probe GT, Black Bird foot or crow's foot marks all over hood and retractable headlamp cover areas, haze on rear hatch cover lid, rust starting around edge of sliding roof panel. These cannot be corrected with any other method but repainting (have tried everything else).
Dave Capone 1994 Probe GT, Black The hood is really bad cracking crows feet. Oxidation around winshield washer dispensers. clearcoat looks non existant.
David Keeton 1994 Probe GT, Black My car has crows feet all over the hood. Crows feet are the little white crow feet looking lines
Dustin Hamm 1994 Probe GT, Black Crows feet all over the hood. Looks very nasty up close, nothing will fix this.
Fei Hung 1994 Probe GT, Black Crows feet all over the hood and at the back fender.
Jason (surname not supplied) 1994 Probe GT, Black I have a 1994 ford probe GT(black) I love the car but the paint has a haze in it, I found out that the car must have been wet when they originally painted it and the paint is slowly cracking from the inside out. Ford will not do anything about this.
Jason Lee 1994 Probe GT, Black "crows feet" all over hood and top of car; very thin paint that scratches VERY easily; discoloration and oxidation on hood, top of car, and rear hatch; paint flaking off on front fascia and side skirts
Michael Alessandri 1994 Probe GT, Black Paint is fading and has little "crows feet" all over the hood, light covers, on the tips of the fenders and is spreading to the roof and sunroof. I take great car of my car and protect it with wax.
Nicholas Matthews 1994 Probe GT, Black Extreme cracking under the clear coat, thousands of little white lines and crows feet, on mostly the hood, headlights, corner panels. Also on the roof and rear deck lid; and starting on the doors.
Richard Holy 1994 Probe GT, Black Crows feet all over it.
Rob Sims 1994 Probe GT, Black My 94 PGT has defcts in the paint
Sammy DeLaHoz 1994 Probe GT, Black I've got crow's feet on the roof and rear hatch. The paint is also cracking and peeling from the rear bumber and on the passenger side lower door panel(where the GT sticker goes). Car has been garage kept and waxed regularly.
Stacy Bass 1994 Probe GT, Black Oxidation on the top of the car between the sun roof and rear hatch. Crows feet on the top as well as on the head light covers. Paint was chipping on the front bumper but had that repainted. The same story as the rest,but the shop I went to said $2000 for a new paint job they would have to completly strip the paint off the car in order to repaint it. This to me is crazy, the car isn't even 10yrs old.
Joshua Pacheco 1994 Probe GT, Blue Have a cracking/crows feet/spider wed look/ effect on the hood, flip up lights, rear deck and spoiler.
Trevor McCain 1994 Probe GT, Blue Paint cracking under clearcoat(little white lines in the blue paint) on the hood and headlamps. Also a few marks that look like spiderwebs, also on the hood, and rear hatch.
Doug Scott 1994 Probe GT, Blue Metalic I have a 94 probe gt and the paint is cracking underneath the clear coat on the hood, roof, and tailgate. I wax it reguraly and more and more small spider webs are forming. Look like small spider webs forming under the clearcoat. Getting worse everyday, it is on the hood, roof, and tailgate.
Patrick A Ferat 1994 Probe GT, Dark Blue Paint cracking problem (crow's feet) on entire hood. Had to use rubbing compound on hood/trunk/roof to remove oxydized clear coat, and re-aply fresh wax.
Vickie Fox 1994 Probe GT, Electric Blue Crows Feet Heavily on hood, front quarter panels. Extreme Oxidation on hood, front quarter panels, roof. Nothing has helped (Crow's feet have gone through clear coat). Estimated decent paint job, $3600.
Mike Olsen 1994 Probe GT, Electric Currant Red Paint is chipped up relay bad, crows feet all over the hood and sunroof.
David Carey 1994 Probe GT, Electric Red Severe cracks beneath the clearcoat (crows feet) on hood and paint deterioration on the nose. Heavy oxidizing paint on the roor and rear of car. Ford needs to look into this problem, it isn't just a handful of vehicles that are effected.
Ian Wright 1994 Probe GT, Electric Red Hood is covered with crazing/crows feet, I assume because of excessive underhood heat; this started within 6 months of purchase. Paint all over the car scratches easily and has hazy-looking swirl marks.
Brandon Bowman 1994 Probe GT, Laser Red Crow's feet all over the hood, and front quarter panels. Oxidation around tops of doors, roof, and rear hatch. Had it detailed not too long ago, and it didn't help.
Phillip Pagel 1994 Probe GT, Laser Red Very bad oxidation on hood, roof, hatch area, upper part of the side panels, anywhere that has exposure to sun alot and "crow's feet" on hood and headlights, and fading paint on hood, headlights, fenders, roof, and hatch.
Rob Baumstark 1994 Probe GT, Laser Red Crows feet on hood and roof under the clear-coat.
Robert Jones 1994 Probe GT, Portofino (Light Metallic) Blue Clear coat is crazed -- all upper surfaces -- hood, roof, rear hatch and spoiler. Paint has been well maintained and car is kept in garage. Looking through this list it is apparent that this is a common defect through all model years.
Andrew Cook 1994 Probe GT, Red Oxidizing on the fenders which I can occasionally take care of with some rubbing compound but the clear will only last so much longer until its gone completely.
Brad Lamar 1994 Probe GT, Red The paint is fadded on the top of the car and on the top of the hatch. Paint also is faded on some of the quarter panels. The clear coat also seems to be coming off around the key hole. There are some spider webs in the paint also. It just looks terrible.
Christopher Granger 1994 Probe GT, Red Complete oxidation of hood, roof, and hatch.
Daniel A. Langlois 1994 Probe GT, Red I have a red 1994 probe gt that has oxidizing all over the hood and roof, the clearcoat is flaking off the back it is almost completely gone off the spoiler now. Some spots on the body look white, some look pink. I wash and wax and it only improves the oxidation a little. good luck to everyone who is going through the same problems I am.
Joshua Swartzbaugh 1994 Probe GT, Red Have cracking paint on both front finders, and hood. Also have oxidation on the top and hatch of car. The car is mantain and waxed very often. But is still fading on top and hatch.
Kevin Reed 1994 Probe GT, Red Oxidizing really bad on hood, roof, trunk, and tops of fenders and doors. Cracking of paint on front part of hood. No matter what i do ,buffing or waxing it does not matter, it is still oxidized
Randy Long 1994 Probe GT, Red Paint is badly oxidized on hood and roof. Cracks and crows feet on hood. Does not improve with wax, buffing or polishing.
Richard G. Naugle II 1994 Probe GT, Red Faded Paint, Looks great when it Rains !!!!!!!!!!!
Alex DiEdwardo 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red I bought my 94 Probe GT new. The Rio Red paint lasted about 3-4 years then oxidized like no other paint I've seen. I wrote Ford Customer Service a nasty-gram with a response of "sorry, warrantee's up". Shame on Ford for using crap for paint. The local body shop will guarantee a new paint job for the life of the car ($1500 later)! "FORD: The quality goes in before the paint goes on"... if you're lucky! At least the tires were good.
Craig Mortensen 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Severe crazing on hood, fender tops, door tops. oxidising paint on hood, headlight covers, roof, sunroof panel and quarter-panels. Weak paint.
George McNabb 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red The paint is severely oxidised on the hood, rear hatch, and roof. The front bumper is also extremely scarred. The hood also has thousands of little cracks in it. I have had the car for over a year and the paint was like this when I bought it. Nothing helps shine it up much. What little shine I do get is re-oxidized within 2 months.
Greg Grant 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red My paint has been bad for a long time. I have tried to take it to local dealers to have something done and only get turned away. My paint has cracks on the hood and roof. The sides are just plain dull, and this still looks bad no matter how much I wax my car.
James Turner 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Severe oxidation hood, roof, hatchback little white cracks under the clear coat - on all flat surfaces
Jeff Leimer 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red I used polish and wax to protect the paint religiously. However, the clearcoat is heavily oxidised No aftermarket product works. I have tried literally all products. A body shop confirmed that the clearcoat was almost gone and the paint itself is oxidised Heavy spiderwebbing cracks on hood. Heavy fading on hood, roof and hatchback.
Jim Snook 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Bad oxidation, especially on the top of the car and the hatch.
Joe Kamman 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Hazing of the Clear coat and Cracking of the Clear Coat, Lots of hairline cracks about 1/4" long running in all directions Problem is most evident on hood, top of car, and hatch
Joe Kamman 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Hazing of the Clear coat and Cracking of the Clear Coat, Lots of hairline cracks about 1/4" long running in all directions Problem is most evident on hood, top of car, and hatch.
Joe Straub 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red My car had heavy oxidation and cracking on the hood. My local Ford dealer would do nothing about it, they told me to buff it out. I had it painted at a body shop and it looks great now.
Kyle Illbeck 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Crows feet all over the hood, light covers, fenders/front/rear, roof, trunk lid fading on hood, trunk lid, roof, fenders car has been well maintained throughout lifetime, washed/waxed regularly.
Patrick Ryan 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Fading and oxidizing really bad on the hood and top half of almost the whole car. And it has spots all over it. And it appears as if the clearcoat is completely gone from the hood, nothing helps to make it shine and no matter how hard i try, wax just makes faded swirls in the almost whiteish pink oxidized paint.
Paul Wion 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Heavy oxidation on horizontal surfaces and cracking of paint on hood and tops of fenders.
Pedro Rodrigues 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red Fading paint( Color turning almost whie pinkish), spider webs etc... had to be repainted.
Steve Poirier 1994 Probe GT, Rio Red The paint on the hood and headlamps is faded. Crows feet or hairline cracks cover the hood and head lamps as well. The rear bumper is faded, and rough to the touch.
Keith Boczkowski 1994 Probe GT, Royal Blue Metallic I have crows feet all over the hood of my car and bumper. The roof is starting get them to. The color of my car is Royal Blue Metallic.
John Hansen 1994 Probe GT, Silver Paint on hood began to oxidise in spots. I had the car repainted because of this and some body work that needed done as well. Much happier now with my aftermarket paint job. It was silver.
Nathan Benzor 1994 Probe GT, Silver My car has real bad oxidation on the roof and hatch area and cracking and peeling paint on the side ground effects and front bumper.
Andrew Ojamae 1994 Probe GT, Teal Crow's feet all over hood and headlights
Evan Anglada 1994 Probe GT, Teal I am its only owner. It have been kept covered. Crows feet all over hood and headlights. Chipped and cracking in the front bumper and on the hood as well.
Mikel Lucas 1994 Probe GT, Teal The paint is completely gone in spots all over the roof, hatch and sides of the car. The car has been garage kept but this has not helped. It is steadily getting worse and new spots are fading daily.
Steve Neville 1994 Probe GT, Teal Paint wearing away on hood, roof and tops of the quarter panels. Showing white. crazing, needs complete repaint.
Tomas Hoznek 1994 Probe GT, Teal Crows' feet, paint cracking on the hood, front fascia and headlamps. Mostly in areas that are getting hot due to the engine.
Doug Perceval 1994 Probe GT, Teal Blue Frount Bumper Spyder crack under logo. Chips in lower gound effect do to soft paint. Paint Maintained very well.
Gonzalo Garcilazo 1994 Probe GT, Teal Green Clearcoat coming off entire car especially the roof. huge ugly white spots, needs to be r sanded down to metal and repainted, estimated at 2000 dollars.
Jon Campbell 1994 Probe GT, Teal Mist Severe oxidation on hood and roof. Crow's feet on headlamps and peeling clearcoat around driver-side keyhole and side mirror. Discolored side moldings and bubbled paint on factory installed wing.
Sam Deel 1994 Probe GT, White Chips all over the hood. NO presence of a clear coat at all. I can take my nail and leave black streaks on the paint. Crows feet all over the rear bumper.
Shawn Griffin 1994 Probe GT, White Paint faded and cracking in some spots.
Todd Abramuk 1994 Probe GT, Wild Orchid Severe crows feet on hood headlights, and rear deck. Tried everything wont come out has been this way since 96.
Alex Melo 1994 Probe SE Extreme swirling and crows feet over almost every inch of the car, worst on the roof and hood.
Beverly Bayconich 1994 Probe SE Paint Cracking, clearcoat pealing off
Brendon Clark 1994 Probe SE The paint on the plastic moulding on the bottom of the door is peeling off in big pieces on both sides. The roof directly above the passenger side door has a spot where the clear coat is coming off in a long strip. The passenger side door's thin moulding running down the side of the car has turned orange on top. This car is kept in a garage and washed at least once a week and should have no reason for the paint to fail like this.
Bryan Barnett 1994 Probe SE The paint is almost completely gone on the hood, with spotted oxidation on the roof The clear coat is almost gone on the hood and is beginning to fade.
Chris Custodio 1994 Probe SE Paint chipping on back bumper crows feet on hood bad oxidization on roof and Starting on hatch.
Erik Mortensen 1994 Probe SE Oxidation on Hood and roof, 6 inch round white circle on hood, spider web on roof.
Jason Steele 1994 Probe SE Tons of Crows Feet on Hood. Oxidisation on roof. Clearcoat is peeling off the hatch.
Jonathan Campbell 1994 Probe SE Spider web's on hood, Paint chipping around headlights, Rear bumper paint chipping, Door protector paint rubbing off.
Patrick Desmond 1994 Probe SE Oxidation everywhere.
Richard Mackey Jr 1994 Probe SE The problem I Have Is defected paint. It is oxydized all over my car.
Robert E. Lesko 1994 Probe SE, (colour not specified) Whole body faded, hood and roof have cracked paint over entire surface.
Bryan Bauer 1994 Probe SE, Black Fine lines (Crow's Feet) spreading across the forward portion of the hood, and the shine on the car is becoming dull, dispite attempts to wax and polish the finish.
Calvin Reed 1994 Probe SE, Black I have had a few cracks on my hood, but most recently a large chunk of paint peeled off of the fiberglass panel on the door while I was washing the car. The primer has been exposed underneath.
Chris Lavergne 1994 Probe SE, Black The hood of the car has cracks under the clear coat ( crows feet )
Trevor Wentzel 1994 Probe SE, Black Paint is chipping off of front bumper, there are crows feet/crazing on the top/roof of the car, I don't beleive there is a clear coat on the car at all. Oxidation is begining.
John Dixon 1994 Probe SE, Ebony Crows feet all over the hood and pop up head lights. Clear coat starting to break down.
Travis Stone 1994 Probe SE, Laser Red The clear coat has peeled off the spoiler.
Andrew Peters 1994 Probe SE, Red The paint is starting to fade and oxidize, and I can't forget that there are crow's feet all over the place!
Cameron B. Cowan 1994 Probe SE, Red My car has sever spider web effect. Despite various waxing techniques, still get them! Also some oxidizing on the hood and other areas. All kinds of chips in the paint but I don't drive it like a 4x4. It is MASSIVELY fading. It USED to be a deeper red than my blood.....
Don Pore 1994 Probe SE, Red Very Dull paint, fadind badly on all the passenger side, hood, hatch.
Mark Woods 1994 Probe SE, Red Crows feet all over hood and spider web effect on the top of car. Needs new paint badly!
Richard Ditter 1994 Probe SE, Red Tiny white cracking (under clear coat), impossible to remove. Started 1yr after purchase. Oxidization on hatch, hood, & roof.
Shawn Horochiwsky 1994 Probe SE, Red Paint on front bumper is cracking and peeling off. Paint on roof is fading and very dull. Worst around Sunroof.
Ben Fuson 1994 Probe SE, Silver Crows feet and spyder web effect on hood, roof, and rear hatch of car. Paint becoming dull even though the car is very well maintained.
Michael Barefoot 1994 Probe SE, Sky Blue My paint is jus totally destroyed...oxidation and peeling clearcoat all over car, and even paint is came off on door and body kit...it has about 68000 miles on it and i run a car detail business so i know finishes and how to take care of them.
Kevin Hicks 1994 Probe SE, Turquoise White haze all over the hood, top of car, and hatch. little white cracks all over hood, the trunk has become infected by two white patches of what used to be a clearcoat.
Tracy A. Wallace 1994 Probe, Aspen Silver Just like the other Probes mentioned, my Probe has extremely bad oxidation on the hood , the roof , and the hatch area.The sides still look good , and shine very well with waxing and polishing. I really believe there is a paint defect on my car , and the only way to get back the original luster is to get my car repainted.
Jennifer Brauer 1994 Probe, Blue Paint is very badly oxidized. Crows feet all over the car. No maintaining of the paint (i.e. wax) has helped. It just keeps getting worse.
Amie Rock 1994 Probe, Red Lots of oxidation on the roof and trunk and the clear coat is peeling.
Bill Aprea 1994 Probe, Red Dull, cracking paint on all horizontal surfaces.
Marc Riesenberg 1994 Probe, Teal Slight oxidation on roof. Front bumper cover paint is cracking.
Nelson Diniz 1994 Probe, Teal There's alot of paint coming off the the back add near the trunk and on the door panels.